Window Blinds

Most people know about blinds and can probably list several different kinds that are commonly available in stores. However, many consumers have no idea that there are actually dozens of styles and types of blinds, some more common than others.

Walk into a blind shop in any major city and you’ll likely notice at least 10 kinds of blinds. Some blinds are more focused on appearance, while others serve specific functions. Consumers have a wide range of choices when then enter a blind shop, and should know about the top 8 kinds of blinds on the market. The list below names and briefly describes the kinds of blinds a consumer might encounter on a visit to the Spectrum Blind Shop:

Roman Shades
Common in homes and usually made of fabric, roman shades fold into themselves when they are elevated. They provide full coverage against sunlight and also shield against some noise.

Roller Shades
Also typically made from fabric, roller shades are named after the way they elevate, with a rolling mechanism. Common in restaurants and homes because they can be easily lifted and lowered based on outdoor lighting conditions.

Tie-Up Shades
For a very casual look, many homeowners opt for tie-up shades. Made from fabric with a built-in tie, these shades are sort of a hybrid between old-fashioned drapes and modern blinds.

Vertical Blinds
Most popular for patios and anything that opens side-to-side, vertical blinds are one of the top three best-selling blinds for residential use. Their name describes them perfectly: instead of horizontal blinds, they are vertically aligned and easy to use, clean, and repair.

Venetian Blinds
The world’s most popular blind, they are easy to use, and stack at the top after raising. They feature strings or cords to hold the slats in place and raise or lower them.

Mini Blinds
Identical to Venetian blinds, minis are just sized-down versions of their big brother, the Venetian blind. Mini-blinds are popular in offices and homes for their sleek look and easy installation. The slats are usually one inch thick.

Micro Blinds
Micro blinds are mini blinds with slats that are usually one-half inch thick or less.

Panel Blinds
Panel blinds work well for very big windows and residential patio doors. They’re like vertical blinds but with very large slats.

Blinds come in so many shapes and sizes, there’s always one that can work for any type of house, any room and any purpose. Consumers love blinds. Blinds have been used in one form or another since ancient times when Egyptian nobles used finely brushed animal skins to block out sunlight that entered through wall openings. Nowadays, the blind business is a billion dollar industry serving residential and business needs all over the civilised world.